Greenplus Sol-Lube ES is a highly soluble lubricant designed to significantly increase water's ability to lubricate.

Greenplus Sol-Lube ES can be used to reduce water temperatures where friction is the source of heat when water is used as a coolant. Greenplus Sol-Lube ES is not just rapidly biodegradable, operator friendly and made from renewable resources but is environmentally safe.

  • Greenplus Sol-Lube ES can be mixed with water to provide an environmentally safe coolant for machining applications.
  • Greenplus Sol-Lube ES is an excellent environmentally safe lubricant for cross-cut, band or rip saw lubrification in saw mills.
  • Greenplus Sol-Lube ES will rapidly biodegrade in sewer systems. (Check with local authorities, regulations may differ)

Quick Fact:

Greenplus Sol-Lube ES

contains no petroleum products
and is operator safe.

Dilution Ratios:

1:10 to 1:100

Depending on application