Greenplus RP 2000 ES
Rust Remover and Metal Protector

  • RP 2000 ES is a unique product combining the capability of both removing rust an providing a long term protective surface covering for a wide variety of metals.
  • RP 2000 ES does not contain any harmful solvents, aromatics, chlorinated hydrocarbons, etc. which eliminates handling problems for the employee from both a toxic fumes and a skin contact point of view.
  • RP 2000 ES is an excellent for protecting materials being stored for long period of time outdoors.
  • RP 2000 ES is an excellent spray on thread protectant, replacing thread compounds used while transporting pipe.
  • RP 2000 ES can be applied by spraying, dipping or brushing.
  • RP 2000 ES will bond to itself even if a surface is scratched or marred during handling.
  • RP 2000 ES will flow freely but leaves a protective covering on the surface it has passed over. This simplifies the application of the product.
  • RP 2000 ES does not create any environmental problem while being applied or if treated surfaces are stored outdoors for long periods.
  • RP 2000 ES is not easily removed upon accidental exposure
    to solvents, etc.