Greenplus R&O (rust and oxidization) Lube ES is highly stable fluid that is used for various industrial lubricating purposes.

  • Greenplus R&O Lube ES contains anti-foaming additives for mild EP loading for circulating systems, journal and anti-friction bearings.
  • Greenplus R&O Lube ES will minimize your environment risk in systems where oil loss into water cannot be avoided.
  • Greenplus R&O Lube ES is double filtered for the highest degree of cleanliness.
  • Greenplus R&O Lube ES shows excellent demulsibility. Greenplus continues to lubricate should excessive moisture contamination occur.
Typical Properties
Kinematic Viscosity:
  • 40°C
38.7 cSt
  • 100°C
8.9 cSt
  • 100°F
190 SUS
  • 210°F
55 SUS
Rust Protection
none after 24h
Corrosion Protection D130
Foam Suppression
Viscosity Index
7.0 - 7.2
LC50 (PPM)