Greenplus Enviro-Cut ES is an environmentally safe, water soluble cutting fluid. Outstanding performance for metalworking operations. Greenplus Enviro-Cut ES is not just rapidly biodegradable, operator friendly and made from renewable resources but is environmentally safe.

  • Greenplus Enviro-Cut ES can be used in variety of metal removal and finishing operations in dilutions from 1:20 to 1:100. Excellent anti-wear and lubricity characteristics improve surface finishes.
  • Greenplus Enviro-Cut ES is safe for the worker and the environment. Non-toxicty makes this product safe to handle. Enviro-Cut ES virtually eliminates misting and allows for safe disposal once cuttings have been removed.
  • Greenplus Enviro-Cut ES will rapidly biodegrade in sewer systems (check with local authorities, regulations differ)

Quick Fact:

Greenplus Enviro-Cut ES
can be used in milling, drilling and turing.

Dilution Ratios:

1:20 to 1:100

Depending on application
Available in 4 litre to bulk sizes